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Our Dancing Town

About the show

Another prime-time BBC show, this time produced by Twenty Twenty TV, aired on BBC2 in January 2017.

Our Dancing Town brings the communities of Huddersfield, Barnsley, Skipton, and York together through dance. It was the mission of Steve Elias, the show’s award-winning choreographer, to choreograph local residents, from ex-miners to Rugby teams, for a dance-off spectacular that was captured in one awe-inspiring shot through each town centre.

Our Dancing Town

About the shoot

Aerial Republic was approached by Twenty Twenty TV, who had been tasked by the BBC Commission to create a dance-off spectacular at the end of each episode – the catch was that it had to be filmed in one continuous take. This meant the beginning had start as a static shot, before tracking the performances through the town, and finishing off as an aerial shot to summarise the dance.

We built a custom rig capable of pulling this off using a combination of an Easyrig, a Flowcine serene spring extension, a stripped down drone, a golf buggy, a parachute cord, and some wood – and it performed seamlessly.

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