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Whether you’re looking for drone hire in London, Manchester or anywhere else in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Aerial Republic we’re experts at delivering ultra stable cinematic footage for our award-winning clients. From film and television shows to commercials, indies, documentaries, music videos and more, our work spans across three continents and over 27 countries, making us one of the biggest and the best drone hire companies in the UK.

Drone hire isn’t a case of simply giving you the tools you need to succeed, it’s just as important to provide you with a team of experts to help deliver your vision. All our professional videographers are fully trained and licensed, and are adept at handling everything from aerial photography to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Interested in finding out more about Aerial Republic and what sets our drone hire services apart from the rest? Try these on for size.

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Our Drones

Choice is everything when it comes to drone hire. That’s why at Aerial Republic you’ll find everything from heavy lift systems capable of carrying epic 8K cameras, to a full range of smaller, DSLR-friendly drones. Explore the range below and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Drone Hire Across the UK

  • London

    While many see London as a restrictive environment to film in, we see it as a challenge that’s bursting with potential. In fact, it is in the nation’s capital where we’ve filmed some of our favourite ever footage, including the video above.

    To read more about London drone hire and services we provide, click here.

  • Manchester

    A creative city that’s on the rise, we’re well versed in filming across Greater Manchester. From the outskirts of Bury to the HQs of Media City, be sure to get in touch if you’re a media outlet, independent film maker or indie startup with a particular vision.

    To read more about our work in Manchester, click here.

  • Yorkshire

    Home to the dales, long stretches of coastline and a glut of vast open spaces, Yorkshire provides plenty of opportunities for film makers looking to capture some amazing footage from the air.

    Looking for a Yorkshire drone hire specialist? Click here view some of the work we've already done across the region.

  • Liverpool

    A city that’s famous for its architecture, coastline and surrounding areas, Liverpool is a superb location for film makers, media outlets and indies looking to reap the benefits that come with aerial photography and videography.

    At Aerial Republic, we make drone hire in Liverpool a breeze. Discover how we can help you create your vision by getting in touch today!

  • Birmingham

    We’re no strangers to filming in the midlands, and have recently worked with some of the UK’s leading media outlets across the region. From aerial videography to landscape photography, we love shooting in Birmingham and its surrounding areas.

    To discover more about our Birmingham drone hire services, call us today on 0113 350 1399!

  • Cornwall and Devon

    A picturesque landscape that offers a bounty of options for aerial videography experts, Cornwall and Devon land their hand perfectly for those with a particular vision in mind. Filming down south? Get in touch today!

    Click here to see how we can assist you with drone hire in Cornwall and Devon.

  • Wales

    Boasting an enviable mix of stunning landscapes, coastal views and urban city centres, there’s a location to suit every vision in Wales. Thankfully we’re well-versed in filming in Wales, so be sure to get in touch the next time you need a drone.

    For more infomation on drone hire in Wales, get in touch with the team today!.

  • Cumbria

    As well as being home to some of the UK’s biggest lakes, Cumbria packs a punch when it comes to mountain ranges too. Here you’ll find the biggest peak in England, as well as a few smaller pikes that are perfect for aerial videography.

    Read all there is to know about drone hire in Cumbria by clicking here.

  • Sussex

    Quintessentially English in terms of its rural charm and green landscapes, Sussex makes a great canvas in which aerial videos can be produced. Looking to shoot here? Be sure to get in touch to discover how we can help create your vision.

    Explore more about drone hire in Sussex by clicking here.

  • Scotland

    With our bags packed and our vehicle’s fully loaded, nothing beats a shoot in Scotland. To hear how we can use Scotland’s stunning natural beauty to create your vision, get in touch and speak to a member of the team today.

    Call us today on 0113 350 1399 and discover more about our vast experience of shooting in this breathtaking country.

  • International

    Looking to produce a video outside of the UK? No problem. Over the years we’ve taken our drones across the water and gone on shoots in over 27 different countries, spanning across three continents.

    Click here to read more about international drone hire.

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