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When it comes to aerial filming & drone hire in London, we are the UK’s leading experts.

London is an exciting and unique city to film in any capacity. It has provided a vibrant backdrop for an array of silver screen blockbusters, from the action-packed James Bond franchise to the beloved rom-com Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Taking things to the skies of this iconic landscape can bring a whole new perspective to all kinds of creative projects. If you’re using the capital as your canvas, then utilising the services of Aerial Republic can hand your enterprise a new set of paintbrushes.

London drone hire – overcoming challenges

As stunning a city as it is to work with, filming in London is also incredibly challenging. Not only is it heavily congested but its highly regulated and classified air-space also presents a number of obstacles. In order to make sure everything is safe and above board, as well as being produced to the highest quality, you’ll want the absolute best service available. This ensures that your project will be crafted to the best possible standards.

With our vast technical expertise and experience, we have the legally certified drones that are under 7 kg in weight. These conform to London’s specialist regulations and requirements to legally fly in London air-space, while carrying a full DSLR system.

What this means for you is that, when you use Aerial Republic, you’re not just getting the ability to film in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but you’re also doing so with world class equipment. This allows you to capture London in all its glory and in ways that technology has only recently made possible. Our drones and our expertise take care of all the red tape, allowing you to focus on taking advantage of this new exciting way to film.

To put it simply, all you have to worry about is getting the best possible results. You can let us worry about the legal side of things.

Vast experience of drone hire in London

We’re not just based in London either. Our team has helped bring together some of the best videography and photography from around the country, from Eastbourne to the Yorkshire Dales and beyond. When you’re working with us, you’ll know that you’re not only partnering with one of the leading drone experts in London, but a team who have helped craft exciting projects in a diverse set of of environments. So no matter what the challenge is, we have the passion, the skills and the knowhow to put your vision to film.

Aerial Republic also has the blanket permissions for flying in permitted airspace. With us, you can take advantage of the skills and abilities we’ve acquired over many years working with major TV stations on a wide variety of projects. These range from the factual to the fantastical.

We’ve covered multiple film and broadcast TV shoots in London for prime-time ITV and Channel 4 documentaries, as well as cable and satellite shows, such as Richard Jackson’s Gardening and Leisure for QVC.

We have filmed for Love Productions on behalf of the BBC, working on The Crystal Hotel and shot a music video in Victoria Docks — just to share a little of the vast experience we have with drone filming over London.

Achieving your vision

But we’re only just getting started. We would be honoured to be involved with your creative and/or commercial endeavour, no matter what it may be. We always look forward to expanding our experience by assisting you in creating something new and innovative: utilising the best equipment and expertise in the city to do so.

Aerial Republic is one of the only production companies who can achieve the extent of our vast London flying capabilities. We have the know-how to work in line with very tight regulations, including night flying. So when you choose to work alongside us, the scope of what you are capable of producing can be vastly expanded.

Often when it comes to photography and filming with drones in a city as highly regulated as London, these restrictions can get in the way of you achieving your vision of what your project could be. With Aerial Republic, you don’t have to compromise.

London drone filming takes knowledge of red tape and loops, which you have to be seriously dedicated and experienced to jump through. We take your project just as seriously as you do, meaning we have the passion and the ability to achieve as much as is legally possible when it comes to filming in a city as heavily regulated as London.

We know how to get the permissions you need and we’re used to dealing with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA): submitting safety cases to film in locations that require special authorisation.

So if you’re looking to get the absolute best out on your project, whether it be through aerial videography or photography, and regardless of what shape or style you want to take your creative direction in, there’s nowhere more skilled and with a greater variety of experience, both in terms of the practical side of filming and on the legal side of things, than us. We give you the best possible opportunity to create exactly what you want.

If you are a London-based business and are looking to find a drone hire operator in London, get in touch with us today and we can have a chat about getting your project well and truly off the ground.

"Great team who were a pleasure to work with. Very accommodating when the weather didn't turn out as we had expected. And fantastic footage! I will definitely be using them again" Claire Jackson - Director, BBC
"Just wanted to write to say huge thank you for all your tremendous work last weekend. You were both so helpful and creative and really went the extra mile to make it all happen. Couldn't have a better team to tramp the countryside looking for great shots. And we got top class footage that has really lifted the programme. Well done guys. Will definitely be asking to get you back on the next project" Helen Hill - Director, ITV
"We hired Aerial Republic on an incredibly difficult shoot to film illegal street racing as it happened on public roads. There were extensive risks, variables, and obstacles to make it happen and they were not only thorough, diligent and attentive, but also took a creative and highly engaged approach in making sure the shot was slick & stylish. They have a real passion to their work and its shows in their remarkable footage. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended." James Ross - Producer / Director, Century Films
"We’ve worked with Aerial Republic as far back as 2008. They've undertaken multiple high profile campaigns for our clients throughout the Middle East and Asia. Thoroughly professional and very creative team that totally leave us at ease even when liaising directly with our clients. We couldn't speak highly enough of them and are continuing to work with them throughout 2015." Andrew Macgregor - Managing Director, Citrus Media
"It's been a pleasure to work with Aerial Republic. They have a passion to capture the perfect shot with breath taking results, even in the most remote locations. We've filmed a number of projects with them now, including a nine day shoot across Britain. Everyday we were kept up to date and in the loop with progress reports. They make aerial videography look simple but it's far from that." Billy Burgoyne - Creative Director, Epiphany
"I came to Olly at Aerial Republic as I was making a new series for BBC2. We were making a five part ob doc which included a 5 minute performance at the end of each episode. The five minute performance needed to be a continual shot tracking backwards with more and more people joining a dance routine which would snake through the streets of a town.
We wanted the perfomance to be one continual unedited shot. Something which had not been done before in this type of way. I called Olly.

Alex Sunderland
"Aerial Republic offered us a very reliable, trouble free drone service on our action feature film and they typically got the shot in one take. Wouldn't hesitate to use again."

Lorenzo Levrini
"My show hires drone crews often and Aerial Republic has really become the gold standard in our eyes. We first worked with them on a huge TLC premiere and they knocked it out of the park for us. Professional, communicative, and great to be around on set. Footage was 10/10.. will hire again. Thanks guys, really great job on this." Sam Weinstein, DOP, Paranormal investigation
"I had the chance to work with the Aerial Republic team when my show hired them last year for their drone cinematography services. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality and professionalism that they provided. They are consummate professionals with immense talent and I can confidently say without any exaggeration that they literally set the bar by which I have measured all other drone operators before and since.
I would hire them without even a moment's hesitation for any job no matter the difficulty, he is that good. The expertise and skill of his team are simply unparalleled in this field, and 5 out of 5 stars is simply not enough. If you don't hire Aerial Republic for your production, you've made a mistake."
Jon Bough, Groff Entertainment

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