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Property advertising with a drone hire service

Property advertising with a drone hire service


Property advertising was revolutionised by the rise of high-speed always-on internet connections, making it easier than ever for househunters to search for properties for sale in their area, but some of the techniques used in marketing those homes have been slower to catch up.

Old-style static text descriptions of houses, filled with the kinds of cliches and euphemisms estate agents are famous for, are hardly the most inspiring way to sell a property you want to seem aspirational – not just a house, but a home.

But property advertising with drones is giving the top end of the market an extra edge, and is increasingly used further down the property ladder too, to help make listings more dynamic and give a sense of luxury particularly to larger houses and country estates.

A sweeping, swooping drone’s eye view of an estate can enhance the sense of space, especially for properties that come with substantial gardens, outbuildings, annexes and adjacent open land.

Drones can capture a 360-degree view of the property and are able to get quite close to the structure with total safety, allowing you to pick up on features that might be missed from ground level.

Drone hire footage for private property sales

We mentioned estate agents, but an increasing number of owners are choosing to dodge estate agents’ fees by selling their property privately instead, and there are compelling reasons to commission drone footage for private property sales.

High-quality drone footage can be filmed quickly, easily and relatively inexpensively, especially compared to traditional methods of getting aerial shots, such as hiring a helicopter film crew.

It lends authenticity, professionalism and a sense of luxury to your property listing, helping it to stand out on whichever websites you list it on, and many buyers will relish the opportunity to own a property with its own Hollywood-style video.

Selling commercial premises with drone hire footage

Drone footage for commercial property sales can have many of the same benefits as for residential estates, giving the prospective buyer an all-around tour of the site at a glance and saving time on the ground during in-person viewings.

A tracking shot really provides a sense of perspective and scale, and on big retail parks, shopping malls and office buildings, that helps to add to the grandeur of the opportunity for the businesses that are considering a location there.

Drone footage doesn’t have to be used in isolation, either – it can be edited into virtual tours of the facility, contrasting the exterior shots with steadicam footage of the interiors, and giving a complete image of the available space to busy buyers who aren’t able to spend time on a visit themselves.

Getting drone footage the right way

If you want to show your property at its best, it’s worth making the extra effort to get professionally produced drone footage using the latest unmanned aerial camera rigs.

These are not just a video camera attached in a static position to a drone – a good drone camera rig allows the camera to be controlled remotely on a gimbal, so that an operator on the ground can rotate the view and keep tracking smooth and steady, rather than the view being fixed in the direction of the drone’s flight path.

In this way, passing shots can be filmed that show the property as it approaches, before the camera turns to look back at it as the drone flies past; or of course the camera can be kept in the ahead position for a fly-past shot with the property passing below.

With modern equipment and professional operators – both to pilot the drone and to control the camera – there are endless possibilities to film something quite conventional or to take a brave new approach and show your property in an unusual way.

Where can drones film residential properties?

One of the most important reasons to use a professional drone filming company is safety, particularly when the drone will be flying over residential areas.

There are guidelines in place to discourage the use of drones in built-up urban areas, which is why much of the drone footage in property listings is of country estates where the surrounding land is open fields.

Drones can generally fly to a maximum height of 120 metres, at least 50 metres from people and properties, and no closer than 150 metres to urban areas – with special care taken near airports where commercial air traffic may be flying lower than usual.

When you hire a professional drone film company to video property for sale, you can rest assured that the experienced operators will fly within the acceptable limits of the drone code, to give you the most stunning shots possible while taking into account any neighbouring properties and interested bystanders.

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