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Everything you need to know about wedding drone hire

Everything you need to know about wedding drone hire


Here at Aerial Republic we offer drone hire services for a variety of occasions and purposes and one of the most special is of course wedding drone videography.

Filming weddings throughout the country, we have some of the most experienced and skilled drone operators in the industry.

With this in mind however, how do you go about hiring a drone for your wedding, and what can you expect?

A revolutionary way to capture memories

It goes without saying that hiring a drone to capture memories is the “it thing” for weddings over the past few years.

Hiring a drone film company is a little like hiring a wedding photographer in that you will receive the best and highest quality footage filmed by experts without worrying about the specifics on the big day.

Our drones can make the most of some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the country, offering dynamic, original, and crystal-clear images that take full scope of the magic of the event.

Ideal for creativity

Versatile from start to finish, hiring a drone for a wedding offers the opportunity for creativity like never before.

From gathering guests on the lawn to spell out the name of the bride and groom (among other things), to following the wedding vehicles in and out of the venue, aerial wedding videography offers what traditional photographers cannot.

High quality visuals are assured

We have a range of drone platforms that cater to all our drone hire services, including vehicles that can carry up to 20kg’s worth of camera equipment.

This means that we are able to utilise state-of-the art camera equipment from advanced DSLRs through to the ARRI Alexa mini camera — shooting 4K as standard.

Safety is always considered

Our award-winning media production professionals are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) licensed, which means that they have undergone full training and can fly up to 400ft during a wedding shoot.

What’s more, Aerial Republic is fully insured with a public liability of £5 million.

This means that even if your wedding is taking place out of season, for example during autumn or winter, our crew are able to make professional assessments and decisions regarding the best and safest ways to shoot a wedding.

Things to consider

Although drone wedding videos are stress-free and enjoyable things to film, there are a few minor details that are best thought about before the big day.

One of the first is getting sign off by the venue.

Although 99 per cent of venues are perfectly happy to have drones on their properties, it is always best to make sure that the venue is aware of what is going to happen.

We can even provide detailed plans to ensure that the venue and the event organisers are well-informed of what we have planned for the shoot.

It is also worth noting that in cities and towns, advanced permissions must be acquired so that our drones are able to operate.

One of the myths of drone videography however, is that drones are particularly noisy.

This might have been true once upon a time, but thanks to advances in technology, our state-of-the-art drones make relatively little noise while in flight and are able to operate with little disturbance to the surrounding area.

If you have any questions about drone hire services for your wedding, contact us at or call us on 0113 350 1399.

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