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Why drone hires make the perfect choice for a shoot

Why drone hires make the perfect choice for a shoot


There’s no doubt that aerial videography is really coming into its own both as an industry and an artform.

Now more than ever production companies, businesses, and individuals are hiring aerial production companies to produce some of the most stunning and versatile footage for home, tv, and film.

Artistry aside, what are the advantages of hiring a drone production company?


There’s no doubt that drone hire companies save production budgets.

But how?

The truth is that drones are so convenient when it comes to set up and shooting, which means that hours are saved from setting up expensive crane or helicopter shots. During the best conditions a drone can be up in the air and filming in as little as 15 minutes.

When it comes to marketing shoots, aerial photography and filmmaking offers great investment for brands as aerial video content provides the versatility to reach an unlimited amount of people throughout the internet.

What’s more when it comes to actual shooting day, drones help avoid unforeseen consequences. Our pilots are professionally licensed operators and hold the UK Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence (FTOL) as approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the European Safety Agency (EASA).


If there’s one thing that drone vidography promises, it’s quality footage.

With our heavy drone lift we are able to produce some of the best possible broadcast-quality television and film footage in the industry.

This is because we can equip our heavy lift drone with some of the most advanced DSLR cameras in the world, including the Sony A7sll or Panasonic GH4.

For high-end footage, used for broadcasting and films, we can equip our heavy lift drone with anything as heavy as an ARRI Alexa Mini or RED Epic camera — capable of producing beautiful 8K footage.

From the ground our pilots are fully able to control any camera in flight, so that features like ISO, f-stop, shutter speed, and frame rate are accounted for in every single moment.


As you can imagine, having a camera in the air allows for great amounts of flexibility and manoeuvrability.

Whether you’re a surveyor or an engineer looking to inspect an old or derelict building, drone cameras enable access and flexibility in tight, potentially dangerous, or hard-to-reach environments.

What’s more drones make minimal interference with the surrounding area. Thanks to the average size of a rota blade, there is next to no downwash from any of our drones, which means that any footage filmed is uninterrupted from the flight of the drone.

Our drones can offer a full range of shot types, just as any other kind of camera, including:

  • Still shots
  • Crane shots
  • Pan shots
  • Pedestal shots
  • Tracking (dolly) shots
  • Strafe or side-slide shots
  • Orbit-by shots


Of course, safety is one of the biggest concerns on any film production, whether drones are involved or not.

The health and safety of the cast and crew is paramount to any production company and the same goes for Aerial Republic.

Before any kind of shoot we conduct rigorous health and safety investigations to ensure that our drones operate to the strictest guidelines and in the best possible conditions.

For more information on how we take safety into perspective when we set up shoots, check out our article on this very subject.

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