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Flying Above the Minster – drone footage captures York like never before


The capital of Britain’s largest county, York is a city that’s packed-full of history. From the Roman-built walls that surround the city, to the medieval shambles that run through its centre, there’s plenty to see and do for anyone visiting this quaint northern gem.

But of all the city’s famous landmarks, it is the Minster that really steals the show. With origins dating back to 14th century, this impressive cathedral towers above the city below, with its main tower reaching 30 meters into the air.

For centuries York’s iconic Minster has attracted millions of tourists and worshippers alike. Now, thanks to footage captured by Aerial Republic, you too can can take a trip up north to visit the Minster in all its glory – without having to leave your seat.

After taking off in some nearby ruins, our state-of-the-art drone soars above the Minster, producing jaw-dropping shots at every turn. From here, the camera moves towards the city itself, offering a birds-eye view of both the river and the bustling streets below. Both Skeldergate Bridge and Ouse Bridge make the cut too – all shot in stunning 4k.

From here we head back towards the clouds for one last look at the Minster, resulting in a hero shot that captures the cathedral at sundown. Simply stunning.

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