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Drone Filming Legally in London Against Trump


Last week the team here at Aerial Republic worked on one of the most ambitious and controversial briefs ever to land in our inboxes.

Working with Channel 4 on behalf of ‘The Last Leg’, the brief was to capture a crop circle in Aylesbury. This was no ordinary crop circle mind, this was one deliberately placed underneath President Trump’s flight path upon arrival of his controversial UK visit.

Inspired by one of The Last Leg’s leading campaigns, the crop circle read ‘’Stumps Against Trump’’ – a not-so-subtle nod to the 45th President of the United States’ outspoken views regarding those living with prosthetic limbs or similar disabilities.

Having had limited experience working in the field of politics (or political protest, to be exact), this was a huge challenge for the team.

Not only was there significant media attention around Trump’s visit, the security precautions and NOTAMs (flight restrictions) implemented around London at the time were phenomenal, making it extremely difficult to find a suitable location to shoot drone footage on the President’s flightpath.

Adding to this, the President’s flightpath was subject to a number of changes as the day progressed, making it incredibly difficult to settle on a final location to shoot.

Thankfully each and every one of these challenges were overcome, resulting in a shoot that was nothing short of a major triumph. As the results show below, we were able to successfully capture the crop circle in all its glory using a combination of drones, gimbals and cameras.

The specific rig used centred on the DJI Inspire 2 Raw and Movi M5 gimbal with the Panasonic GH5 camera , whilst a second GH5 was used to capture both stills and a timelapse of the build, showing both the crop circle and the President’s plane flying overhead.


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