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Cheddar-Gorgeous: an aerial perspective


Whether you’re a cyclist hungry for adventure or an fell runner looking for your next fix, the time has come to load up the car and head to Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge.

Here you’ll find a bounty of pleasures, including steep hillside cliffs, the craziest of roads and a series of caves that are just crying out to be explored.

Still not convinced? Then why not check out the video below and explore Cheddar Gorge like never before.

Captured from the air, our drone footage – shot on an INSERT DRONE NAME HERE – reveals an array of stunning angles and slow-motion panoramas that are sure to stoke the adventurer within even the most dormant of spirits. All you need to do is decide when it is you want to visit.

Dating back thousands and thousands of years, Cheddar Gorge is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, making it one of Somerset’s most popular attractions.

Not only is the area the original home of the Cheddar Man – a human skeleton dating back 9,000 years – it’s also where adrenaline junkies can find Gough’s Cave and Cox’s Cave, two of the largest caves leading to the longest underground river in the UK.

For those that prefer staying above ground, Cheddar Gorge provides one of the most scenic and, in parts, fear-inducing cycle rides in the county. Complete with over 2 miles of winding bends and awesome descents, there’s no wonder bikes often outnumber cars along the gorge’s main through-road.

Interested in learning more about Aerial Republic and our trip to Cheddar Gorge? Why not get in touch today – we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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