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Benefits of drone videography for architects and surveyors

Benefits of drone videography for architects and surveyors


Although much of our work does indeed revolve around filming for television programmes and advertisements, we also happen to produce work for architects and surveyors.

From the tip of Scotland to the toe of Cornwall, our drones have helped architects and surveyors on a range of projects from safety and inspections through to marketing and portfolio shoots.

With this in mind however, how can drone videography benefit architects and surveyors?

Safe filming in hazardous places

Our drone cameras offer safe and cost efficient safety inspections on buildings of all different kinds.

From roof inspections through to chimney and tower inspections, our drones can offer high quality 4K footage of minute detailing in roof and brickwork.

Another benefit of remote cameras is that they are able to work very closely with fragile and derelict buildings. This is a great help to developers or architects looking to study building infrastructure.

Proof of progression

When buildings are under construction or development it is important for both architects and designers to monitor the rate of progression and aerial videography allows for them to have a detailed insight into the construction process.

With real time footage and 4K resolution it is possible for architects to make sure assessments and maps of buildings without even stepping foot inside.

When damage to a building has taken place drone filming also means that insurance companies are able to make easy and safe inspections to assess damage from things such as fires and floods — at a much lower cost.

Speedier turnarounds

Without the need of scaffolding or cherry pickers we are able to record and survey complex buildings in a matter of hours.

Our CAA approved drone operators are well versed in filming large and unorthodox structures, and with the right amount of pre-production information can help reduce filming hours down sometimes by a matter of days.

Impressive marketing

Now more than ever architects are using drones to show off new buildings and large properties.

From stately homes to newly built office buildings, architects and estate agents are becoming increasingly aware of how drone footage and drone photography can exhibit and celebrate the finest features of a property.

Here is a great example of how our drone cameras can help market a property:

Reduction in workforce

Of course, with the implementation of a drone, less manpower has to be on site in order to carry out the same task.

As drones are able to film hard to reach places or environments, workers are not exposed to them when inspections need to be carried out and engineers are able to make accurate and sure decisions without being exposed to dangers.

More infrared scanning

Our drones are able to carry infrared technology that enables operators to carry out scans in some of the highest and most difficult areas of buildings, enabling engineers to view hot spots and infrastructure faults.

Our operators are experienced in working in collusion with some of the most sophisticated camera and drone technology, allowing them to work on some of the biggest and most exciting construction projects both in the UK and throughout Europe.

For more information on how drone videography can help your construction project, redevelopment, or marketing campaign, contact us on 0113 350 1399.

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